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Headspace. Who are we?

We provide uniquely designed, inspiring office space for communities of real people with big ideas.

We're here to take on the headaches of running an office, so you can focus on what really matters. Your business.



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Headspace exists to serve your ideas. What fuels the team at Headspace is the belief that workspaces should look good and feel good.

We are part of the BE Offices group, giving us the gravitas of being backed by a veteran serviced office provider with 25 years of experience in the industry.


  • Commercial awareness
    100% proficient
  • Keyboard shortcuts knowledge
    90% proficient
  • Handwriting
    10% proficient
  • PA Skills
    20% proficient

Fabrizio Nicola-Giordano

Managing Director
Ola Website-20180119104534
  • Operational Problem Solver
    100% proficient
  • Self Development
    80% proficient
  • Blogging
    70% proficient
  • Not misplacing my keys
    1% proficient

Ola Oluwaseyi

Operations Manager - London
  • Operations & Facilities Management
    100% proficient
  • Making the perfect brew
    40% proficient
  • Excel skills
    70% proficient
  • Reading my own notes
    10% proficient

Greg Rowley

Regional Manager
Victoria Website
  • Sales guru
    99% proficient
  • Cheerleader
    100% proficient
  • Reaching top shelf
    2% proficient
  • Karaoke skills
    40% proficient

Victoria Gillett

Sales Executive - London
  • Building Relationships and Networking
    100% proficient
  • Community Event Management
    95% proficient
  • Topping Out Kilimanjaro
    100% proficient
  • Spell Checking
    30% proficient

Danielle Tinsley

Community Manager - London
  • Adaptability 
    100% proficient
  • karaoke skills
    10% proficient
  • Dependable
    90% proficient
  • Tea making
    20% proficient

Emily Riva

Operations Coordinator
  • Planning and Organizing
    90% proficient
  • Chocolate Eating
    100% proficient
  • Creative thinking
    80% proficient
  • Maths
    40% proficient

Priya Rauli

Operations Coordinator
  • Event Wizard
    100% proficient
  • Messy Waffle Maker
    90% proficient
  • Karaoke Kween
    80% proficient
  • Geography
    10% proficient

Cathy Rodgers

Community Assistant
Irina Website-20180119104541
  • Accounting knowledge
    90% proficient
  • Singing
    20% proficient
  • Eye for detail
    100% proficient
  • Fighting the demogorgon
    70% proficient

Irina Rezmerita

  • Master of Dark Arts
    100% proficient
  • Operations Queen
    100% proficient
  • Event Organizing Skills
    10% proficient
  • Halloween Decorating
    100% proficient

Emmi Arveli

Operations Coordinator
  • Social Butterfly
    100% proficient
  • Sitting Still
    10% proficient
  • Creativity Cutie
    90% proficient
  • Party Pixie
    80% proficient

Kaya Maylum

Community Assistant
  • Events Guru
    100% proficient
  • Queen of the Kitchen
    80% proficient
  • Dieting
    10% proficient
  • Organising Anything
    90% proficient

Michelle Winton

Community Manager

Join us...

Do you think you could be a Headspacer? We are looking for real people with big ideas.

If you would like to join our community then click below to join our customer-focused team.


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Our goal is to create a thriving atmosphere where people can achieve. We want a place where everyone wants to come to work.

We’re serious about business but play has an important place in our hearts. Whether it’s bold patterns, fantastic parties or a machine stacked with free ice-cream we’re on a mission to make where you work that bit more playful.
Keeping businesses energised is one of our top priorities. So the team and the spaces work hard to do just that.
What the space can deliver: the feel of the space (open spaces, natural light, design), as well as the nurturing support we give all our companies and members.
We’re approachable and welcoming and supportive. We’re real people. The team are not one thing after work and one thing during office hours. We’ll sort out your office, we’ll have a beer with you and we’ll chat about real life. We’re real people and we treat our members like real people.
Underpinning everything is simply that our members can rely on us to support their business. We might be the first impression people get of a company, but we’re also their back of house. If anything needs doing, well do it.

Headspace provided us with the perfect solution for our UK Head Office.

The team have been more than accommodating to ensure we have everything we need and have been able to manage our growth steadily. Nothing is ever too much for the guys and the regular events give us a great chance to hang out with the other members of the community.


One of the benefits of working at ANDigital is getting to work in different offices around London. Headspace in Marylebone has got to be my favourite space so far.


Headspace has provided the perfect platform to help us grow our business in an attractive, central and well-equipped location that throws in all manner of added value through its friendly, helpful staff and great facilities. We loved the fact that it’s far more personal than other serviced office providers, allowing for personalised space and flexible uses for meeting rooms and break out areas.


Headspace is always a great space for creative minds to brainstorm, build and bond with their teams.

Something different to your usual “meeting room” setting and great for large groups without compromising on quality.


Excellent meeting space, well catered food and drinks.

All the facilities we needed were available; projector, extension leads, Mac converters. The staff were polite and professional. The office was clean, nice and the environment provided just the inspiration we needed.


We moved in recently to Mount St in Manchester.

Great team here in the building and just wanted to express my appreciation for them :)


Headspace have provided us with standards of service that are consistently ultra-high, with an amazing can-do attitude.

We've run loads of recruitment and workshop events at the Hatton Garden space - it's a firm favourite for us.


Headspace is the perfect compromise we were looking for: the space has the East-London coolness while still being very central and the Headspace team is very supportive. We recommend it.


The team at Headspace was exceptional, the technology was spot on, the size / layout was ideal.

We plan to host all of our events there going forward. Thanks for making my job super easy!


We held a very successful launch party at Headspace.

Fabrizio and his team were outstanding, accommodated my many questions and emails with good humour and were just really really lovely. Thank you for making my life that bit easier!


We used Headspace and found the space to be perfect for our needs and the team allowed us to dress the room so it was exactly what we wanted. The team were super helpful and ensured we had a really productive meeting


Very good experience at headspace.

The staff has absolutely a 'yes we can' mentality and was very helpful. The catering was also very good. I would absolutely recommend headspace if you want to get clients out of the typical boardroom.


Reviews collected as part of the BE Offices group of companies

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