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Arieums 3 Top Tips for an Effective Influencer Marketing Campaign

Turning influential figures into advocates for our own businesses via social media, blogs and advertising: Influencer Marketing is making a big space for itself in the world of digital marketing. But what is influencer marketing really? And are we getting it right?

We are excited to welcome Arieum to Headspace Farringdon, for next month`s lunchtime talk. With a client list including Sony, John Lewis and Adidas, Arieum will share their experiences of Influencer Marketing and its central role in modern business. In the lead up to their talk, we asked them to provide some insights into what makes an effective Influencer Marketing Campaign.

1) Engagement, Engagement, Engagement

Finding the right influencer for your campaign can be a difficult process, one’s head can be easily turned by massive followings and potential traffic to be gained through certain influencers. However, what usually leads to an ineffective influencer marketing campaign is overlooking engagement. An influencer on Instagram should be averaging around 10% downward engagement within their posts. This means if they have 100,000 followers you should expect to see at least 10,000 likes on their posts and at least 500-1000 comments. Look at the comments too! What type of comments do followers leave on the influencers page? Does the influencer reply to their followers? The more engagement the better. Remember negative engagement is just as valuable as positive engagement.

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2) The influencer knows their following better than you do

It is fundamental that the influencer you work with is given creative control when creating the content for your campaign. They have developed and grown their audience by themselves. They are the ones who know if and how your product or brand will connect to their audience. It is important to give the influencer guidelines, but ultimately the return on investment will be far higher if the influencer is given complete control to create the promotional content for the campaign.

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3) Target, Refine, Target

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Interested to find out more? Sign up for FREE here to attend Arieums Influencer Marketing lunchtime talk at Headspace Group Farringdon on Monday 13th November 2017.

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