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Coworking in London

London is a great place to work, largely due to its reputation as being one of the top finance hubs in the world. Home to a large number of diverse industries, led by its strong financial sector, the City hosts a wealth of talent from Britain and abroad.

Described by the New York Times as the “metropolis that globalisation created” and the “planet’s banker”, this indeed emphasises its importance in international trade.

London offers the best career opportunities and an unrivalled cultural scene, thanks to its location. With more than 40 universities and a diversity of cosmopolitan cultures, producing some of the best talent in the world, it has the fifth-largest economy in the world and the second largest in Europe.

It has something for everyone and never sleeps. One of its most famous residents, the distinguished 18th-century poet and playwright Samuel Johnson, famously said if you felt tired of London, you must be tired of life, because “there is in London all that life can afford.”

It can be an ideal place to kick-start your career and to remain for many years, thanks to its myriad of opportunities. London boasts many international companies and is truly connected to the rest of the world.

When you’re looking to commute economically, quickly and conveniently, London has some of the best transport systems on the planet. The extensive network includes both public and private services – and the UK’s central hub in rail, road and air transport. There are also plenty of famous London black cabs!

Food opportunities
London’s thriving community extends from incredible meeting, training and development opportunities, through to plenty of places to socialise after work.

There are more than 7,000 pubs in London and since they reopened on 4th July, as the lockdown was gradually eased, people can meet up again, as long as they observe social distancing and other safety procedures.
When it comes to dining out, the capital also has a massive choice of restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, fast-food diners, street food and more. There really is something for all tastes, thanks to the diversity of venues across the city.

According to the Office of National Statistics, there are more than 15,500 restaurants in London. Its reputation for great food surpasses Paris, New York and Tokyo. It has so much diversity, thanks to its culturally rich population.

Coworking in London
There are many benefits to coworking in London – the excellent financial sector, public transport system and vibrant community are key points. In addition, the high standard of office space for rent is a driving force behind the success of coworking in the city.

Coworking started in London in 2005, when a group of British students returned from a trip to Soweto in Johannesburg, after experiencing the power of community work. Inspired by what they had seen, the students set up the first-ever UK coworking space in Islington, calling it The Hub. Their mission statement was to dedicate the space towards leading social innovation through the community. By 2008, the same group of people had expanded The Hub across three continents, running nine different Hubs.

London remains the capital of coworking, occupying 10.7 million square feet of office space in the city centre alone. It boasts more coworking spaces than San Francisco, New York and Berlin.

London’s finest
Headspace Group’s coworking environments are recognised as among the best in London. In stylish Farringdon, our boutique coworking space is ideally located.

Our 7,000 sq ft site is home to exclusive well-equipped flexible workspace, with each office featuring an individual security system, a private kitchenette and Sonos sound system. Tenants benefit from private booths, three meeting rooms, a reception area, a free refreshment bar and shower room.

Our modern Farringdon facilities feature glass walls, enabling privacy without isolation. The offices have the original exposed brickwork, marble columns and steel beams. Fully stocked kitchens and break-out spaces on every floor will surely inspire you! A dedicated on-site team is available to welcome your guests in the reception area and help with any queries. There are six meeting rooms, as well as event space for networking.

Keeping safe
All our coworking spaces have been maintained during the COVID-19 pandemic by our in-house cleaning division, who spend more than 150,000 hours a year cleaning our centres, including intensive deep cleans and a fogging service that sterilises the environment for 30 days.

For details of our coworking office space to rent in London, contact us today on 0800 953 0585.


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