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Coworking space: The best place for a client meeting

Meetings with clients are vital to the success of your business and the venue is a significant factor in how well it goes. First impressions count: research shows most people take just seven seconds to form an opinion. Three quarters of us stick with our gut instinct too, so you need to get it right from the get-go.

Your meeting room needs to hit the mark by creating a professional image. With a great start, you can strengthen relationships and you will stand a better chance of turning prospects into customers, which leads to company growth – the name of the game!

Having a business address

Many small and medium sized businesses are choosing a coworking space as a means of enjoying the benefits of a corporate office environment, but without the overheads. Startups, SMEs, sole proprietors and entrepreneurs can meet clients and contractors in a professional setting for a fraction of the cost of a traditional office.

If you’ve been working from home, it doesn’t create the most professional image when you need to meet clients. As a small business, you need a name and address.

Choosing coworking space provides you with an address in a business district, without the expense and commitment of renting an office through a long-term commercial lease. So, an ideal opportunity for startups with limited resources.

Modern facilities

Today’s modern coworking spaces offer the best facilities and state-of-the-art technology, including individual and private meeting rooms where you can take clients. You can entertain a larger audience, host presentations, or discuss business opportunities in private.

As well as high-end decor, the environment is shaped by the people who work there: every successful coworking space attracts a diverse group of people with different career paths from various backgrounds. Walking into a vibrant atmosphere gives visitors a boost from the outset.

Many coworking spaces are located in commercial districts, with a wide variety of bars and restaurants in the vicinity. This means you can also take clients out to lunch or for a quiet drink to celebrate the deal.

Plenty of space
Offering plenty of space when you’re hosting a larger meeting or event; meeting rooms in coworking spaces come in all shapes and sizes, with the best ergonomic furniture.

Plan ahead for a big meeting in a spacious room, where everyone can sit comfortably without feeling cramped, or choose a smaller space for a more intimate gathering.

Opt for a seating arrangement that suits your requirements and make use of the technology on offer. Whether you’re hosting a PowerPoint presentation, a video conference, or you need to print something out during your meeting, the means of doing so will be at your fingertips.

As a result of the spontaneous collaboration coworking spaces inspire; casual conversations can turn into in-depth discussions, which helps to formulate new ideas and successful projects.

Benefits for remote workers

Increasingly populated by remote workers from larger companies; in these uncertain economic times, even large businesses need the option to take on more employees at short notice, without the financial risks of a long-term office rental contract.

Coworking space gives the corporate giants the chance to have a presence in more regions, with the ability to host face-to-face meetings with company representatives. It removes the barrier of potential clients dealing with a largely faceless organisation.

Companies can offer new remote employees the amenities of a fully-fledged office in a part of the country where your business might not otherwise have a physical presence.

Recruiting workers

Finding a way to effectively recruit and welcome new staff can be a real challenge. A coworking facility is ideal for a meeting with potential new employees, as well as clients.

Recruiting workers remotely has become increasingly common since the days of homeworking during the pandemic. Technology has made it much easier to host remote interviews, creating a unified company culture across longer distances.

How to choose your coworking space

Decide which style of space is most suitable for you and your team. This should include practical considerations, such as how much money you can afford to pay, your proximity to the workplace and, of course, the facilities on offer. Flexible and adaptable, you can usually get a feel for the place quite quickly and determine whether it’s for you.

While conducting your meetings is possible in a coffee shop, you’ll enjoy greater benefits if your take business to a meeting room. It’s much quieter and there’s more privacy, for a start!


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