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Headspace goes ‘green’ as all our spaces convert to renewable sourced energy

100% of our spaces now use electricity from ‘green energy’ renewable sources.

Headspace Group’s buildings in London (Farringdon and Marylebone), Manchester and our new 12,000 square foot space in Birmingham (due to launch later this year) have all made the switch to power from renewable sources.

Our new electricity suppliers provide power from certified renewable sources which in the UK is typically wind and solar.

The move comes at a time when the Inter-government Panel on Climate Change (“IPCC”) reported on the desperate need for a major reduction in the world’s carbon footprint and the need to dramatically cut back reliance on fossil fuels.

Fabrizio Nicola-Giordano, Managing Director of Headspace Group, said:

“Corporate social responsibility is something we take very seriously at Headspace and, as we learn more and more and about the impact of fossil fuels on the planet, this feels like a relatively small, but hugely important step for us to take. We also know that these issues are equally as important for our members and I’m delighted that we can support their own efforts in helping to protect our environment. We all have a responsibility to become carbon neutral and help pave the way for a more sustainable business environment.”

We think Headspace Group could be the first major coworking provider to move to renewable energy sourced power in all of its workspaces, if so we are very proud to be leading the way.



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