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Headspace offers help to clients who require their teams to work remotely

Whilst we have had no reported incidents in any of our centres regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to be pro-active in helping our clients if they require their teams to work remotely.

Calls and handsets
We have implemented a telephone system that is IP-based and allows fluid migration to any internet based docking so clients can plug in their desk handset at home and receive calls as they would in the office on their same work telephone number.

We also offer mobile twinning so client’s landline calls also ring on their mobile and call forwarding to a number of their choice.

Network access
If a client requires access to their network remotely we can also assist.

Video conferencing
In addition, we have video conferencing facilities at all our centres should clients require face-to-face meetings but without the need to travel. The system is very easy to use but our centre teams are on hand to assist in set-up if required.

Clients should contact the IT support line on 07885 890131 if they have any queries.

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