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Headspace Stories: Meet Katrina Hutchison, Regional Sales Director at TI Media

Across Europe, the UK is still the biggest consumer of magazines. With over 160 years in the industry working with our best loved mags, TI Media are a well established content and brand creation company.

I sat down with Katrina Hutchison, the regional sales director, to find out more.

Katrina Hutchison


Who are TI Media?
We are a magazine publisher, who publish over forty magazines. Previously, we were part of Time Magazine in the States, but about 18 months ago we were bought by a private equity company, so we’re separate from the American entity. We’re now part of Future Magazines.

How did you get involved?
I started out at TI Media in a very similar role, but the role itself has changed massively over the years in parallel with the changes that have taken place here; when I first joined, there was no digital team. The ways we’ve changed and evolved have definitely kept me interested.

Can you tell us about your role?
I’ve been with the company 16 and a half years through various name changes and ownerships. I run the regional agency sales team, looking after all ad agencies and clients this side of London; from Devon to Scotland. Our job is to discuss campaigns with clients and what they’re trying to achieve, and sell any opportunities that come up. I say ‘sell’ loosely, because it really is more consultative – I’ve dealt with these clients for many years, so they know us. It’s a nice way of working because we have a consistent business base. We want to grow year upon year.

What kind of team do you have here?
I head the sales team here. Our people managers, Lucy and Dave, head different disciplines: Lucy specialises in all media and creative partnerships and our more unusual approaches to delivering a campaign, and Dave’s team is the trading team. Although the ‘shiny stuff’, i.e. creative partnerships, events and digital is exciting, our weekly magazines are still the bread and butter of our monthly revenue. For example, TV Times is up there at number 4 in the UK in terms of readership.

What’s on the cards for TI Media in the near future?
The recent acquisition of TI Media by Future Magazine will bring lots of opportunities, and a different culture. It will be my job to take the team through those changes. It’s a lot about making sure that our culture still fits with the new business, whilst keeping my team happy. Many people in my team have worked with me for a long time, and I like to run an office where we trust and respect each other. I think happy staff are the key to continuing our business. The goal in my role is always being that one step ahead.

Perks of the job?
Free magazines! Although that wears off after a while for us, friends and family still think it’s amazing. Our company also gives us extra days around Christmas time which is nice. More than anything though, I think it’s that trust and flexibility that is allowed to everybody. As a manager of a department, I’m grateful for just being allowed to get on with it!

What do you like about Headspace?
When I came to view Headspace, I knew the team would be happy here. We were in a more corporate space previously, and I had to push quite hard to break away from that. I think a full change was exactly what we needed. I think you guys are amazing, and everyone says how lovely it is to deal with nice friendly faces every day. There’s just a nice atmosphere and warm culture here that makes us feel welcome. I don’t think there’s anything we don’t like! When I saw it, I thought: ‘this is the one!’.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
In my first job someone said to me ‘don’t assume anything’, and I think that’s stuck with me. It’s something I apply in all aspects of my life.

Thanks Katrina for the chat (and also the glass of buck’s fizz!). If you’d like to find out more about TI Media, check out the website.

If you’re interested in membership or office space at Headspace Group, you can visit our website or contact enquiries@headspacegroup.co.uk to speak to a member of our team.


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