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How to find the ultimate coworking space

People are gradually returning to the workplace, bringing to an end more than a year of working from home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re looking for a flexible office space in recognition of how the world of work has changed since before the pandemic, coworking is a safe bet for fulfilling your needs.

The question is, how do you find the ultimate coworking space during this transition period? As many regulations are relaxed, the pandemic is still affecting our everyday life and things aren’t “normal” yet. While our situation has changed a lot since the first lockdown in March 2020, the government is still urging caution.

Finding the right coworking space for your personal needs is important, so before you make a decision, take into account what you’re looking for. One thing you should be asking is whether you need to take COVID precautions into consideration.

Keeping business premises COVID-safe

The latest government advice on working from the office was updated on 14th July, just before the widely anticipated “Freedom Day” on 19th July, when the majority of COVID regulations were relaxed. Employers have been organising a return to the workplace after the government stopped instructing people to work from home.

However, because the virus is still prevalent, the government has recommended a gradual return to the office over the summer. It is also recommending discussions with workers and trades unions to ensure the working arrangements meet the needs of both employees and the business.

Companies are still advised to carry out a risk assessment, including the risks of contracting COVID-19. Failure to identify the potential risks and introduce measures to manage them may be considered a breach of UK laws governing workplace health and safety.

What Covid measures should be taken in the workplace?

There should be adequate ventilation through doors, windows, vents, fans, air conditioning, or a combination of multiple measures. Fresh air can help to dilute the virus in enclosed spaces. Business owners are also advised to identify any areas of congestion and take reasonable steps, where possible, to combat this.

Businesses are advised to introduce measures to reduce contact between people. This includes employees, visitors and customers. These can include reducing the number of people each person has contact with by using fixed teams; using screens between desks or having side-to-side and back-to-back working to avoid sitting face-to-face. Businesses should still encourage the use of face masks for workers.

Headspace has continually followed the latest government guidance to ensure Covid-secure coworking spaces, updating our measures when necessary. We’re providing hand sanitiser units around our buildings and encouraging clients and guests to use them. We have maintained a constant rolling programme of thorough cleaning throughout our buildings with our own industry-accredited cleaning personnel.

We’ve also implemented increased deep cleaning, focusing on areas that are touched often such as toilets, door handles, kitchens and break-out spaces.

What makes the ultimate coworking space?

COVID safety measures aside, there are plenty of other factors that make the ultimate coworking space. When you’re looking for a base for your business, you need to ask quite a few questions:

• What are the facilities?
• Is it flexible enough?
• What’s the atmosphere like?
• Do you want to be in a contract?
• What’s the location?
• Do you want to be a part of the coworking community?

These aren’t things you can decide in a few moments. After all, your decision will have a direct impact on your business, including day-to-day operations; your own job satisfaction; your finances; your clients, contacts and colleagues; your efficiency; the perception of your brand and how you go about achieving your goals.

Headspace Group has plenty of flexible workspaces to please every business. Some are niche, catering to a specific client base or audience, while others are truly global.

Bigger teams might go for a large, stylish, boutique coworking space with multiple meeting rooms, private booths, reception area, free refreshment bar and shower room, complete with your own on-site team.

ultimate coworking space

If you’re looking for privacy without isolation, glass walls can give you that option. Combined with original exposed brickwork, marble columns and steel beams, this contemporary office style is increasingly popular.

Even for somewhere as stylish as this, membership spaces can start from as little as £40 per calendar month, which isn’t going to break the bank, even for new start-ups who don’t have a lot of spare cash.

What should you expect from a coworking space?

The right location is the first step towards building a great coworking community. The space should be easily accessible, so consider transport links, secure bike storage facilities, as well as the surroundings. Somewhere with coffee shops and good restaurants in the vicinity is always a bonus.

The amenities on offer should include a fast, secure internet connection as standard. Others can include a kitchen and free snacks; after-hours access; meeting rooms that can be rented; printing and faxing facilities; the use of telephones; and a mailing and handling service. There can be other niche amenities you can consider, depending on the needs of your coworking community such as free networking events.

Maybe you’re looking for the ultimate modern coworking spaces, offering cutting edge technology; height-adjustable desks at every workstation; natural daylight; an onsite gym; secure bicycle racks; showers; a roof garden terrace; and even an indoor golf simulator!

The reason plenty of people are moving away from the traditional office environment is because coworking creates a comfortable and productive work space. It doesn’t have the same distractions as working from home but creates a flexible, community-oriented environment, where users can collaborate with other like-minded people.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes, across every industry, can benefit from using coworking space. Contact Headspace Group for details of our world-beating coworking spaces, available in many prime locations across the UK. We believe we have the perfect space for everyone!

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