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How to improve your creative mind

Developing creative thinking skills is something that can help improve your performance at work. Having a creative mind is important in many sectors because it helps you to employ different strategies in your daily routine and activities.

Experts say that by harnessing your creative streak, your mind becomes more receptive to new ideas and your problem-solving skills are likely to improve. Consequently, you may find it easier to create and develop new, original products and services for your business.

Boost productivity
According to psychologists who have studied the benefits of a creative workplace, this type of environment allows employees to psychologically distance themselves from their problems. This alone boosts productivity and creativity, enabling workers to think of more innovative solutions, according to the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

The two traits are closely related, as studies show creativity leads to greater productivity. Working in an environment where employees are able to develop in a way that allows their creativity to flow goes hand-in-hand with greater job satisfaction and productivity.

A creative workspace is one where there are no strict boundaries, so employees can avoid getting into an unproductive rut. It’s a place where last year’s working methods can be discarded in an instant if they are no longer productive and employees can be emotionally invested in their work.

Creative confidence
Improving creativity can also lead to greater confidence. When some people struggle to achieve success, but others appear to reach the top effortlessly, it can all come down to having greater belief in one’s own abilities.
Never assume and accept that creativity is a quality you don’t have. Instead, consider how to develop your own innovative potential. Believe in yourself and in your ability to achieve more in life.

If you’ve grown up lacking confidence, you may fear criticism if you try a different approach to the norm. Instead of letting these negative thoughts hold you back, have conviction and focus on your full potential by letting your creative streak take over.

Improving creative skills
Improving your creative thinking skills can be achieved by many different means. Some people try meditation to clear their mind and find greater focus and clarity. Others believe something simple like a walk in the park to escape from the office can give them space to clear their mind.

If you’re in a different environment or having a new experience, this can also increase your creative flow. Even watching a film or reading a good book can inspire you.

Feeling creative doesn’t often happen overnight; it can take time. When it comes to the workplace, the environment can go a long way to improving your creative thought processes. If you’re sitting at your desk 9-5 and feel like every day’s the same and work is a chore, this isn’t going to inspire you at all.

How can coworking help?
Research shows that coworking environments can help boost creativity. Working in a vibrant and energised environment, surrounded by like-minded people, is far more useful than being a lone remote worker. Spending your day in an atmosphere of creativity and innovation can be the spur you need to move forward.

The Global Coworking Survey, researched by Desk Mag, reveals people who have joined a coworking space, rather than a traditional office, are reaping the benefits, with a massive 82% feeling more motivated than before. In comparison, only 30% of respondents working in traditional offices reported they felt engaged at work.

The majority of people using coworking spaces were in creative industries, according to the survey: 40% were web designers and developers, 18% were entrepreneurs and 13% were PR consultants.

Coworking spaces also fit the bill when it comes to following psychologists’ advice that doing something different, away from your desk, can boost your mental focus. A study by Allwork finds physical and mental wellbeing are vital components of coworking, with the most requested amenities including yoga spaces and meditation rooms.

Currently, most coworking sites are located at what researchers call “textbook examples of creative cities” such as Berlin and San Francisco, where many innovative and successful businesses have been created in the 21st century.

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