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How to keep your mind on your work in the run up to Christmas

It can be challenging to keep your mind on your work in the run up to Christmas, as it’s always a hectic time of year.

There are potential structure changes accompanying the holiday season, with reduced opening hours and employees planning to take annual leave.

In addition, December is traditionally the party season, of course!

Although it’s crucial to be well-organised to prepare for the upheaval, it’s more difficult to keep your mind on the job. By keeping on top of the workload, planning ahead, and scheduling meetings and projects, you can make good use of everyone’s time and generally be better prepared.

Do employees feel overwhelmed before Christmas?

More than 50% of employees say they feel stressed at work in the run up to Christmas, according to research by Neathouse Partners.

The time constraints in the workplace are a major reason for this, as some workers feel there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete all their tasks before the holiday.

In addition, increased personal spending and the weather are listed as contributory factors.

Stress can have a major impact on the company, as when employees feel under pressure, they may be less productive, or produce inaccurate work.

This can impact the company directly, especially if the employee feels so stressed that they take time off in December, either as sick leave, or through a request for annual leave.

It’s essential to take this into consideration and work out what type of changes can be introduced in the workplace to combat pre-Christmas stress.

Can coworking help?

Research has revealed a more flexible approach to working in the run up to Christmas can help reduce stress and keep the workforce calm. A coworking environment is great for working around your own routine. This can help employees in a multitude of ways, as it means they can adapt their working hours to meet the company’s needs – and their own.

Take time out when needed, as long as you have finished your work. This can be achieved by putting in some longer hours on certain days, when needed, to allow a day off or an earlier finish on other days to handle your personal life.

Without the constraints of a 9-5 job and potentially working ‘til late on Christmas Eve, the stress melts away when you realise there IS enough time to do everything after all.

With coworking, productivity doesn’t need to dip as Christmas approaches, as the flexible nature of the workplace permits you to cover both work and personal commitments efficiently.

If you’re based in coworking space in London, you can work your socks off during the day and then plunge straight into the Christmas festivities as soon as you walk out the office door. Our coworking space in Farringdon is not only a modern workplace with all the tech you need to meet end-of-year goals, but it also offers immediate access to the Elizabeth Line. This provides an easy route to the whole of London, with Heathrow Airport only 41 minutes away, so you can jet off for your Christmas break without issue.

Keeping your mind on work

Aside from reducing stress and enjoying flexible working, there are other ways you can keep your mind on the job during the festive season.

Good organisation and planning ahead is the key to success. Set deadlines for tasks and projects and use lists to keep track of what needs to be done.

Focus on one thing at a time and be realistic about what you can achieve. Don’t over commit and promise you’ll complete tasks that realistically, you have no chance of doing.

Even if you feel like overdosing on coffee and mince pies at lunch time or in meetings, avoid eating too much sugar. Research has shown too much blood sugar can result in a low mood and short attention span – exactly what you should avoid at work!

Stick to healthy snacks such as fruit and nuts during the day, as these are a source of longer-lasting energy to keep you fuelled and help prevent lulls in productivity.

Finally, just because you’re at work, it doesn’t mean you can’t get into the festive spirit. Feeling excited about Christmas can have a positive effect on your mood and therefore your performance at the office. We don’t mean burning the candle at both ends and partying so hard in the evening that it negatively impacts your working day.

Organise a Secret Santa, have a Christmas lunch with coworkers, have a Worst Christmas Jumper competition, or plan an office party, so you can enjoy the countdown to the festive period in a stress-free way.



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