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Is it good for a business to send Christmas cards?

With the holiday season on the horizon, now is the time to decide how your business will spread a little Christmas cheer.

One of the biggest questions that bosses have to consider is whether Christmas cards are appropriate, particularly in today’s cost and eco-conscious age.

A few years ago, most businesses expected to send cards to a long list of customers, employees, partners, suppliers and stakeholders – and to receive plenty back in return. Card sending was certainly felt to be worthwhile to network, reinforce positive brand perceptions and live core values, while thanking those who helped the business throughout the year in some capacity.

This year, the question of whether to send cards is perhaps more nuanced and there will be no ‘right’ answer for a business, but various options to consider. For example:

1. Print cards

There is certainly still a place for printed cards, especially if you have clients who appreciate quality card stock, beautiful images and thoughtful, handwritten notes. In fact, research suggests that around a billion print cards are sent in the UK every year, so you’re in good company if you choose this route. You may wish to prepare a list of target recipients and spend the necessary time writing and sending physical cards. Depending on your target audience, these could be branded, traditional, quirky, or fun. If recycling is still important to your business, choose recyclable options without glitter or foil relief finishes. You could even choose seed cards for a sustainable twist – sowing the seeds of love!

2. Digital cards

Today’s focus on the environment and sustainability means that digital cards and greetings are very popular. You could design branded e-cards, email your contacts list, or add a message to your website and social channels. You could even do all of these things!

Digital greetings are quick, easy, more environmentally friendly than print and easy to scale for larger audiences. You can also measure engagement if you wish and use targeted e-greetings to deliver promo codes, freebies or other bonuses to customer audiences.

3. The direct route

Another route for businesses, especially those in luxury or B2B markets, is to call key stakeholders with a festive message of thanks or to organise a face to face catch up before the holidays. Consider this the gold standard of greetings that you might reserve for your most important clients, partners or suppliers. It can certainly be time well invested and will likely keep you firmly in mind for those January business deals.

The benefits of sending Christmas greetings

Regardless of the mode you choose, you’ll enjoy plenty of benefits when you take the time to share festive greetings, such as:

  1. Generating goodwill – offering the chance to share greetings without the hard sell.
  2. Supporting low-key branding and marketing – by including your logo and business name subtly and sending cards to elapsed clients or leads in your sales funnel
  3. Offering gratitude – Christmas or holiday cards are a great way to say thank you
  4. Reach – many people will not open promotional emails at this busy time, but they will open a personalised greeting card.

Some useful pointers:

  • Whatever format of card you do choose, use the opportunity to say thank you for the support offered in 2022 and offer well wishes for 2023.
  • Send print cards out as soon as possible because there are Royal Mail strikes planned over December.
  • Add a personal signature for a thoughtful touch.
  • Delegate! If you’re a business owner, it can take hours to send business cards. Ask your managers to do the honours, with relevant contacts, and share the task.
  • Enjoy! Sometimes the very act of writing or composing messages for Christmas cards gives us a moment to relax, recharge and think about a year well spent. Before the rush and adrenaline of the new year kicks in, why not enjoy this time and reflect on all that has been good in 2022.


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