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Productivity tips for working in a coworking space

A coworking space can provide a highly productive experience, with entrepreneurs, freelancers and small enterprises sharing a space to develop their own projects, exchange ideas, share knowledge, network and collaborate.

Despite the obvious advantages, some people can find their workplace distracting with other people around. Ironically, the very things that boost creativity for some workers, such as being with other people in an energetic, vibrant and buzzing space, can adversely impact on others’ productivity.

So how can everyone benefit from a coworking space, achieving optimum productivity, despite distractions? This will be very much dependent on your own self-discipline, so improve your experience by following some simple productivity tips…

Keep to a schedule

This is where the self-discipline comes in, as it’s easy to allow the distractions of a coworking space to stop you from achieving your day’s goals. Keep a list of your tasks for the day and tick them off as you complete them. This gives you a sense of job satisfaction, especially when you manage to clear the list by the end of the day.

You have to be strict with yourself, but also realistic, setting an achievable goal. Make sure the tasks are meaningful and contribute to your end goal. “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible,” according to American author and life coach Tony Robbins.

Take regular breaks

Nothing drains your attention span more than carrying on working when you’re feeling tired, so take regular breaks. The brain needs to rest – according to scientific studies, after every 52 minutes of intense work, you need a 17-minute break.

A break can be anything from having a coffee in the kitchen, getting up to stretch, or walking around for a few minutes. Any type of break from your screen will be sufficient to “reset” your brain and help you to focus again.

Reward yourself

When you complete a task or reach a milestone, give yourself a small reward. This encourages hard work and makes you feel more positive. It doesn’t have to be a huge reward – treat yourself to a latte, have a special lunch, or some other little treat.

If you worked in a large, traditional office, you would probably receive incentives if you reached your targets. Just because you report only to yourself, it doesn’t mean you should neglect recognising the positives.

Plan properly

When you work in a high-energy, social environment, it’s easy to get carried away in the buzz of things. Next thing you know, half the day has gone and you don’t seem to have achieved very much. You may have been distracted by trivial tasks and wasted your time.

Never forget the famous quote by politician Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Failing to plan really does lead to failure in most cases, as it’s impossible to work efficiently in a day without structure. This is a piece of wisdom you should remember!

Be tidy

Keep your workspace clean and tidy, as it demotivates you when you work in a chaotic space, with mounds of paper everywhere and a full bin, including yesterday’s food wrappers!

Architect Zaha Hadid, two-times winner of the UK’s most prestigious architecture award, the Stirling Prize, found an untidy working space had a negative impact on her productivity. “I can’t focus when there’s too many things around,” she said, admitting that whenever she went to the office, she would say to herself, “Tidy up!”

Use technology

Take advantage of the available technology that’s designed to make your life easier and save time. Try using an app to synch emails and events to your mobile devices’ calendars, or one that generates a “to do” list for you.
Use websites that enable you to store data and documents in a cloud, or apps to check your grammar. By automating a lot of mundane tasks, it frees you up to enjoy the interesting ones.

Be inspired by your co-workers!

There are so many positives to co-working space and following a few simple productivity tips will soon have you achieving your goals and beyond.

Headspace Group specialises in co-working office spaces, that are available for rent across the UK. We continue to be operational during the COVID-19 situation, encouraging everyone to follow the latest government guidelines on social distancing and other safe working practices.

If you’re looking for coworking environments in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Belfast and Southampton, please give us a call on 020 3691 7500.

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