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Virtual event programme for the Headspace Community

While we all experience this very challenging time together, Headspace continues to keep their community connected and active.

We have been running a programme of online activities for our community to take part in, as we believe that keeping busy both physically and mentally will keep spirits high and strength up during this difficult time. The timetable offers something for everyone, including Pilates, yoga, mindfulness, mobility, meditation, boxing, HIIT, art and cooking/nutrition.

We asked some of our clients how this programme of virtual events has helped them through lock down…


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Abby Harley-Tuffs – The Temple Group, Headspace Manchester

“The webinars have been keeping me motivated throughout lock down, giving me a routine and a reason to wake up early in the morning to ensure I attend the morning fitness or mindfulness sessions. The webinars have kept me moving every day, either by attending a lunch time class, or recapping a missed session via the YouTube channel. This has been great for both my mental health and my waistline! The best day of all is Thursday; learning new recipes and cooking along with the guys is enjoyable and educational. I will be very sad when these stop and I will need to fill my Thursday evenings with something else!”

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Rosa Smith – The Brilliant Club, Headspace Birmingham

“Rob’s HIT sessions have been really motivational and have helped me keep to a structured working day – I’ve tried to do Monday/ Weds/ Friday at 12 whenever I can and though I’ve not made all of them because of meetings, they’ve boosted my mood and helped me stay fit during lock down.


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Rameez Kaleem – 3R Strategy, Headspace Farringdon

“When the lock down was announced our lives changed dramatically. Sports were cancelled and gyms, with their group exercise classes, were closed. We had to find other ways to keep active and the Headspace webinar programme has been a great benefit.

“They provide a good mix of strength, cardio and flexibility training with live training sessions that are more interactive than simply watching a YouTube video. As a business owner, permanently working from home now, it is easy to get in the habit of just sitting at the desk all day with limited movement. Having these sessions booked into my calendar means I have more structure and ensures I take time out during the day to keep fit. I sometimes find myself trying to book meetings around the exercise sessions although this isn’t always possible!”


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Anna Powis – Happen, Headspace Marylebone

“I think the access to Headspace’s live programme has been brilliant during lock down and I’ve loved taking part in the weekly webinars. The mix of activities from workout sessions to morning mindfulness and even some art classes have provided a brilliant mix of activities to get involved with. The teachers are all really friendly and I’ve really enjoyed taking part! Thank you Headspace!”



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Georgina Hewison – Audeliss, Headspace Farringdon

“I’ve absolutely loved using MobGroup’s live webinars for over 9 weeks now! While I was working, the daily classes really helped me unwind and give my body a break from my not so great lock down ‘office’; while I’ve been on furlough they have helped to keep me in a schedule (of some sorts!) and really get me back on track with my fitness. All instructors are super motivating – I really enjoy Rob’s ‘Humpday Pump’ and Hannah’s Boxing Class, as well as Tanya’s Mobility class. I’ve seen a real improvement on my fitness ability and I’m looking forward to delving more into yoga and Pilates in the coming weeks.”



Posted by Michelle Winton
Community & Events Manager

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