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Why is a company address important?

No matter how large or small your business, there are multiple benefits to having a company address.

Prior to Covid, working from home was the exception rather than the rule. In January 2020, only 5.7% of UK employees worked solely from home. By April 2020, after the government had imposed the lockdown, 43.1% of people had become home workers.

How many people work from home today?

Since the pandemic, employees who are offered the option of working remotely are spending an average of only 1.5 days in the office. The remainder of the week is spent working from home, or at another remote location, such as a coffee shop.

Recent research has revealed 47% of employees who are still home-based have a greater feeling of wellbeing after escaping from the 9-5 office routine. The vast majority cited the greater flexibility as a massive plus, with 78% saying it had given them a greater work/life balance.

However, 21% of respondents said they didn’t want to work solely from home because of the sense of loneliness. They miss face-to-face camaraderie with colleagues and dislike the interruptions and distractions.

Today, 52% of business leaders believe hybrid working is best, according to a study published on 27th February by the Home Office Life. It offers more support for employees and increases productivity, a sentiment echoed by 85% of people who have worked solely from home at some point.

According to data from the Office for National Statistics, in 2023, 16% of people in the UK were still working exclusively from home and 28% had a hybrid working arrangement. If you’re one of the 44% of adults who spend at least some of the time working from home, you could be missing out on many business benefits that a dedicated workspace provides.

How can coworking help?

Coworking is a great alternative to enable the flexibility of home working, while also giving your business a more affordable professional image. Renting a coworking space will also fulfil the UK legal requirement to provide a registered business address. Organisations such as HMRC, Companies House and other authorities must have an official address where they can contact your company with legal notices and other reminders. It will be displayed by Companies House and the public can access and view it.

Professional image

Enhancing your business’s successful reputation by having a good corporate image can lead to new clients and customers and boost sales.

First impressions count and if a company wants to collaborate with you, or a customer is considering purchasing goods and services, giving them a home address may give the impression you’re small-time.

They may be concerned about your professionalism, or whether you’ll be able to keep up with the supply should their demands increase.

Business integrity

Not having a solid business address could raise doubts about your business integrity, which could mean your audience moving onto your competitors with more credibility.

It’s somewhere for you to receive business correspondence, so you’re not bombarded with company mail at your home, further blurring the lines between work and leisure time.


One of the biggest advantages of having a company address is that it offers you a professional business meeting venue where you can have some privacy to entertain clients.

Ideally, no one wants to meet clients at their home, as it can appear unprofessional and small-scale, not to mention the invasion of privacy and possible interruptions from visitors, kids, pets and personal phone calls.


Keeping your home life and business separate will help you to organise everything efficiently.

Keep all business documents together and stored in the relevant place, instead of having them at home mixed up with private mail.

Ensure work and home remain separate to help organise both aspects of your life effectively.

Collaborative working

A collaborative workspace provides an office environment designed for use by several businesses at once. It will offer a mixture of open plan coworking spaces and private offices, built around communal amenities and facilities.

Multiple diverse businesses can form a tight-knit community in this type of workspace, where networking is one of the co-workers’ greatest strengths.

Working with fellow professionals from different industries creates endless opportunities for collaboration and networking where normally none would exist on a day-to-day basis in a traditional office.


Coworking space is a cost-effective solution, providing small businesses, teams, individuals and start-ups with access to a fully equipped, modern workspace without the high upfront costs and long-term commitment of a traditional office lease.

Having a company address is one of the most important steps you should take to be recognised as a professional and trusted organisation, so if you’re working from home, it’s time to start looking at the next step now.


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