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Why teamwork really does make the dream work!

Teamwork is a vital part of a successful business.

The biggest companies on the planet are filled with hundreds of employees and teams working together in harmony. This cooperation is vital for success. After all, without Steve Jobs working with Steve Wozniak, there would be no iPhone, for example.

Teamwork has many benefits for businesses and individual workers. Those who are prepared to embrace collaborative working will experience personal growth and enhanced productivity, to name just a few benefits.


One of the big benefits which can come from teamwork is innovation or at least the potential for the birth of new ideas via a combined effort.

The power of teamwork is that it brings together people from different walks of life and pushes them to share ideas and viewpoints together. For example, a report from consulting firm McKinsey & Company suggests that a team of diverse individuals from different backgrounds can perform 35% better than groups of people with the same ideals and interests.

Happier, healthier team members

Did you know, team members who are happier will actually perform 20% better than those who are not happy with their lot?

This is tied to the idea of a successful team dynamic, wherein 80% of those working within a group of individuals, which was open and healthy, said they felt more content to share thoughts and ideas, while displaying better emotional wellbeing.

Personal growth and development

Working in a team offers the potential for you to grow and learn as a person, which is something you may not be able to achieve if you work alone. This is a typically overlooked part of teamwork, but it is true, nonetheless.

Your ideas, beliefs and thoughts about the world are finite – they are tied to you and what you feel you can accomplish. Speaking to a new person with a new perspective can make all the difference and set you on a path of great growth.

Improved problem solving

Being able to tackle issues head-on can make a big difference. Science believes that multiple people working on a single problem together are far more likely to reach a suitable conclusion. Research carried out at the University of Illinois found that groups of 3-5 people outperformed a single person in every test given.

This certainly supports the idea that when working together, greater results are possible.


People who work together are able to spur each other on. Let’s face it, we all have our bad days, but when you have colleagues who can keep you going through the tougher times, this helps to maintain a motivated workforce.

Final thoughts

When it comes to things like teamwork, it really can make greater things happen than any one person could hope to achieve alone. This is true, especially within an inter-working setting – after all, every great idea needs the right climate in which to flourish.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, as the saying goes, and this is a sentiment that rings true. When people work together and strive for great things, it’s the case that they can do whatever they try to do. Believe and you can most certainly achieve! Some of the greatest corporations and businesses in modern society were created due to the combination of multiple great minds.


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