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5 benefits of pets in the workplace

You may think that having a dog in the workplace will be a nightmare and sometimes they can be, they may distract others from work and on the odd occasion chew or scratch furniture, but there are many more pro’s than con’s when it comes to bringing our furry friends to work.

Taking your dog to work is one of the fastest growing trends of 2022. Some schools are even implementing therapy dogs in order to help children feel more comfortable going into the classroom. We look at some of the reason behind this rising trend and give you our top five benefits of having pets in the workplace.

1. Pets can reduce mental health issues

Sometimes the office can be filled with various pressures and more often than not co-workers encourage ‘time out’ in breakout spaces for when the stress gets too much. Caring for our mental health is more important than ever and having a dog around can help with that enormously. It is scientifically proven that a pet can reduce a plethora of mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

Dog Next to Welcome Mat

2. Combatting loneliness

If you have ever experienced loneliness, you’ll know it’s not always about wanting to talk to someone. You can be in a room full of people talking to you and yet you still feel lonely – well dogs can certainly help with this! They provide a calming energy for when you just want to get away from your worries. They don’t chat back or offer advice, they simply sit and wait for you.

3. Encouraging exercise

Trying to stay fit and healthy is hard at the best of times but especially hard when you’re sat at a desk for 8 hours. Having a dog and the responsibility of looking after one can help to encourage you to keep moving. Take a break from your desk and have a quick walk outside or around the building. Did you know that having a dog can improve your cardiovascular health too? Now you do!

4. Elevating mood and promoting team bonding

Dogs are similar to babies in the sense that they bring people together. Remember a time when a colleague has come in with their new addition after being on maternity leave and everyone gathers round for a look or a cuddle? Well, bringing in a dog works in exactly the same way. For example; sometimes when there is a new team member it can be awkward to strike up a conversation, simply add a dog to the equation and your mind immediately uses the pet as a subject of conversation and chances are the other person will get involved. Dogs bring people together!

5. Safety and security

This really does go without saying but dogs can provide you with a feeling of being safe. They bring the familiarity of being at home into the office with you. As long as you have your fluffy companion – you’ll do great!

Office Dog


Pets don’t necessarily get the credit they deserve but they’re always there when we need them – so after reading this, if you have a pet, go and show them some extra love today.

Headspace are proud to offer pet friendly offices in Farringdon.

Let our resident pets Hudson and Jessie give you a dog’s eye tour of our Farringdon building and get in touch and book an in-person viewing today!




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