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Coronavirus Update

With events moving rapidly we want to keep our clients up-to-date with how things may affect their centre.

Operational adaptions
Headspace buildings will remain open and as fully operational as possible until we are told otherwise by the government. We are, however, preparing for all scenarios so we are asking clients not to leave food overnight in our fridges. We are also reducing our milk orders and will be stopping fresh fruit deliveries from next week to limit potential issues should we not have access to the building.

We are committed to staffing all centres throughout this period, to allow for this, clients may see some new faces at their buildings as we deploy team members to cover any shortages. Where possible we are also asking members of our central services team to work from home. We ask clients to please bear with us if some aspects are not as seamless as they would usually expect.

There may be some different security staff to usual, but clients should be rest assured that we will always keep our buildings secure.

Business rates relief

We do not qualify for the business rates relief package announced by the government this week. With daily announcements, we understand things can change at any time, and if they announce that we do qualify at any stage, we will of course pass this on to clients.

We value our clients, and will work to make sure our clients benefit in a fair way if we are given any relief scheme.


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