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Creative writing and coworking

When it comes to creative writing, many factors can get the juices flowing! While you may think a writer can work pretty much anywhere, as long as there’s room for their laptop, it’s actually not that simple.

Finding the right place to work where the atmosphere, internet connection, lighting, desk, chairs, general buzz and lack of interruptions are perfect can be a major challenge. Writers may struggle with “writer’s block” if the atmosphere isn’t quite right.

A lot of writers have traditionally used coffee shops for inspiration, as they tend to have a good mixture of smells, sounds, sights and atmosphere to create a good buzz. However, with coffee shops closed, except for take out, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, writers are having to look elsewhere for a change of scenery.

This is where coworking can help, as it can offer all sorts of benefits to help encourage a creative mind. Every coworking space is different, so there’s every chance that a writer in need of a new workspace can find one that’s perfect for them.

Creative energy
The right coworking space can provide fantastic creative energy for a writer, offering a “busy” feel and friendly coworkers, without being too noisy. It can spark inspiration and boost productivity in a way that working from home can never replicate.

When you choose a coworking space, understand your needs before you start. A degree of ambient noise is to be expected but most coworking spaces have quieter areas, or you can always take headphones with you for the times when you need to completely block out any potential distractions.

Combat writers’ block
Finding a space with the right vibe for your needs can help your creativity to start flowing. Working alongside interesting people can make a big difference – remember, coworking isn’t all about young tech people. It attracts a broad range of people and you will find yourself in a diverse community. If there are times when you need to be by yourself, private office space is normally available within a shared workspace.

Have a clear idea of what you need in order to accomplish your pre-defined goals and set periods of time to write, but make sure you leave time to wander around and talk to people as well, especially if you’re prone to writers’ block.

Make connections
Connecting with other writers in the coworking space and also talking with non-writers can make it a more productive experience, as it’s always interesting finding out what other people are doing. It can spark ideas and help you to move forward if you’ve ground to a halt.

Traditionally, there has been a belief that a writer’s inspiration comes from working in total isolation – creating an image of the “lonely genius”. However, writers have always gained inspiration from their surroundings!

With the growth in popularity of coworking spaces today, it’s easy for writers to join a community that can spark motivation and creativity. A coworking space will help you to make the connections you need to boost your output and simply being around other people that take your work seriously beats working at home on your own hands down.


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