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#HeadspaceStories 2 minutes 10 Seconds: Simon Belson, 360 Jewellery

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Headspace Stories are about getting to know the residents of our Farringdon, Marylebone and Manchester Spaces. Being part of the Headspace Network, means working alongside some amazing entrepreneurial business minds. This week I got to know our newest Headspace Farringdon Member, Simon Belson.

Based in the heart of Hatton Garden, epicentre for exquisite jewellery in London, 360 Jewellery are specialists in Wedding Band and Engagement rings, as well as custom design and the re-imagining of old jewellery.

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How did 360 Jewellery start?

I started 360Jewellery from basically my living room about 4 years ago. With the encouragement from my sister and mum at the time, and some thinking, I knew I was in a position to create and make bespoke jewellery here in London. I made a website happen, got some business cards sorted and now I’ve got myself here…


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How did you realise your talents to create Jewellery?

To be honest I had a vision more than a talent, I do hand make some jewellery pieces, the guys in the workshops are the ones with the real talent. Together as a team we make the jewellery, you would be surprised how many hands work on one piece of jewellery. I wanted to hand make jewellery of course but I also want to create a successful business which is unique and different to other jewellery businesses.

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What are some of your favourite jewellery designs you have made?

I have made personally a few cool pieces I like. I made a lightning bolt pendant for a friend who’s dad is in AC/DC. I’ve also made some boulders opal and quartz rings, I love the unique shape, they are on my Instagram @360jewellery.

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What advice would you give to someone wanting to design jewellery?

I’d say find a style that you love and focus on designing that to start with and just enjoy it!

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Tell us something about yourself that might surprise us about you?

I’m obsessed with snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing!

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You have only been with us a few days so far – but what do you like most about working in Headspace?

The reaction of my clients as they come in to the building, they dig it here! But also the coffee from 3 Gents Cafe, Matt and Dave make a tasty Latte.

Ring being made in a workshop

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me Simon. It is be great to get to know more about you and 360 Jewellery.

Interested in being the next #HeadspaceStory contact Danielle!

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