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#HeadspaceStories 3 minutes 8 seconds: Calum Hall, Creative Debuts

Headspace Stories are about getting to know the residents of our Farringdon, Marylebone and Manchester Spaces. Being part of the Headspace Network, means working alongside some amazing entrepreneurial business minds.

Whether you`re a member of Headspace Group or have just popped in once for a meeting or event, you couldn`t have missed the fantastic art work that decorates our walls; the final touch to accompany our unique Headspace Interiors. Therefore it is my pleasure to introduce you to Calum Hall, co-founder of Creative Debuts. Along with Creative Debuts partner Alex Rolling, Calum aims to combat the hurdles faced by many emerging artists and inspire our Headspacers with new art work every 3 months.

Find out more about Creative Debuts in 3 minutes 8 seconds.

Two men posing with a graffiti-ed wall behind them

What`s Creative Debuts story, where did it all begin?

Creative Debuts was born out of the frustration Alex and I had while we were still studying at School and University. We felt alienated by the lack of opportunities available for emerging artists. We started Creative Debuts in 2014 with the sole focus of putting artists first. Our mission is to celebrate the incredible undiscovered artists that go under the radar, and make art more accessible by bridging the gap between the creative and commercial worlds, through selling artwork, commissioning bespoke pieces and our Artwork Subscription Service.

Harry 2 by Robert Hewer

Image of a man painted in blocks


What do you like most about the company?

Literally every day I am confronted with amazing artwork and inspiring artists. So many feel exactly like how I used to feel so it’s incredibly rewarding to know that we (Creative Debuts) can have such a positive role in their development as artists. Every day we are out and about hunting down new opportunities, new partnerships and new spaces for these artists. As the concept behind Creative Debuts really started while I was studying my GCSE’s, it’s pretty crazy thinking that I am now actually doing it full time, and it’s even nicer knowing that all our accomplishments and the development of our brand are based on the triumphs of our creative community. We only succeed through them succeeding. However I don’t want you to get the impression working with artists is easy, it’s best described as trying to herd cats and after a few years I think I’m just about getting the hang of it.

Parc Guell, Barcelona, Spain by Natasha Phillips

Overview of a city painted in bright vibrant colours


What`s your favourite piece of art in the Creative Debut collection… yes we are asking you to pick a favourite!

Tricky one. However, it has to be Harry 2 by Robert Hewer. I actually bought this piece because I love the colours, technique and aura of the painting. It also played such a big role in the early days of the business. When artists such as Rob joined our community we became even more committed to our cause, knowing that such amazing talent was still going under the radar was a big kick in the backside for us to make a change and to start distorting the traditional art scene. I have so many favourites these days, I’m super lucky to be surrounded by a huge variety of artwork on a daily basis, and being able to bring these masterpieces to other spaces and completely transform them is amazing. We have recently exhibited a new artist from our community called Brook Tate, unbelievably talented (image attached) and straight up there in my favourites list!

Reportage on Marylebone Station by Jenny Yeung

Sketched image of a busy street

Can anyone be an artist? – or have you seen some complete disasters in your time?

In the famous words of Pablo Picasso “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” I think this quote is bang on, unfortunately as we grow up and there are more and more pressures from family, society or financial, creativity seems to be put aside in the pursuit for an “actual career”.

Everyone is an artist. I think anyone that has their own take on a task and makes it their own can call themselves an artist. I think there’s a pretentiousness with the whole “art” thing. Who cares what it is, if it’s an extension of feelings/emotions then who is anyone to deem what is art/who is an artist.

Hanna by Brook Tate

Head of a woman against a blue circle in front of a wooden-like background


What advice would you give to people who are aspiring artists/ interested in art, but not had much exposure?

Get out and about and meet others. One of the best things about our First Thursday`s event is the ability for artists to all meet and hang out. Sometimes being an artist can be lonely, we want to celebrate all the amazing creatives out there and build a strong and dynamic community where artists can talk to each other and be inspired by the work of others. We are here to help as we know first-hand how difficult it is to find genuine support.

Olya by Antoine Dutilh

Woman's face painted with a mix of colours

What is your inspiration?

However cheesy it sounds I’m inspired by every single one of the artists I meet and the artworks I see. Our community is so ridiculously exciting that it’s impossible not to be. We have artists from all over the globe representing art that means everything to them. I am also super inspired by fellow “entrepreneurs, I think the journeys people go through to bring their dreams and ideas to life are remarkable and something that I hope to be able to help others with when the time comes. I also love traveling and food.

‘I am with Stupid` Spray Paint Version by Zoe Moss

Storm troopers against a spray painted background

And finally, the most important question of all… If you were a biscuit, what one would you be?

I would be some form of shortbread. As the older I get the more I feel connected to my Scottish roots (notably when the sun is out and I turn into a lobster)

American Dream III by Alec Saunders

Image of a native woman

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me Calum. Its been great to get to know more about how Creative Debuts support emerging artists.

Please visit Creative Debuts for more details on how to buy.

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