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Healthy work habits for coworking spaces

Coworking spaces have many advantages, such as the chance to work in a vibrant and friendly atmosphere, where collaboration and networking come with the territory.

They attract many different professionals – architects, lawyers, engineers, journalists, designers, advertisers, freelancers, marketers, startups and more.

Whatever your profession, everyone needs to adopt healthy work habits within a shared environment. The important thing about coworking space is having respect for fellow users. Remember you’re not the only person working there and you must behave accordingly. Follow these simple tips to make the most of your facilities…

Always be polite and friendly to those around you. Saying a simple “good morning” or “see you tomorrow” can signal the start of a professional relationship, or maybe even a friendship. You never know when you’ll find yourself working alongside someone who offers great potential for your company.

Make time for social interaction with colleagues. Take advantage of any opportunity to communicate with co-workers and new people, as this is the key to a healthy workplace.

You’re not the only person based in the coworking space, so respecting the rules will create good relations with the other people around you.

Simple things like keeping your voice down on the phone will avoid friction with the other users. Although some noise is inevitable, respect other people’s space and don’t do anything to make their day tougher.

Keep yourself organised and out of other people’s way. This means keeping your desk and working area tidy. The furniture is often shared, so don’t pile up documents, books, or papers around you, as it can make the workspace look disorganised and cluttered.

While you may be able to work in an organised mess, the people around you might feel agitated by clutter, so keep your area neat!

Be mindful of other people’s working day and respect the timetables. Find out about your coworking space’s operating schedule, so you can plan your own routine. Don’t assume you will be warned before the site closes at the end of the day.

If you don’t know the opening hours, you could find yourself in the middle of doing something important when suddenly, you have to leave. Respect the rules to ensure good relations with others.

Respect other people’s food in the cupboards and fridge. The kitchen is a shared area too, so keep it clean after you’ve used it and leave items such as the kettle or microwave as you would expect to find them.
Never even think about pinching someone else’s snacks in the fridge, even if you’re hungry and you think no-one will notice! Imagine how angry you’d feel if somebody touched your food in your absence.

Not everyone likes to work with sound, so bring your own headphones to listen to webinars, music or conference calls. You might enjoy listening to music while you work, but tastes can vary significantly from person to person. The music you find pleasant or relaxing may annoy someone else intensely.

Stay healthy
While these tips will help you to stay healthy mentally and emotionally in a coworking space, it’s important to ensure your body also stays healthy. Although people are gradually returning to work, we still have some way to go.

If you’re working from home, avoid eating unhealthy snacks and don’t become a couch potato. Keep a healthy mind AND body. The two go hand-in-hand to make sure you’re in top shape and working to your full potential.

Keeping safe
Here at Headspace, our in-house cleaning division spends more than 150,000 hours a year cleaning our centres, day and night.

They sanitise the premises with intensive deep cleans and use a fogging service to sterilise the environment for 30 days. We display cleaning schedules and focus on touch-points such as door handles, coffee machines, toilets and kitchen facilities. The lift-buttons have easy-wipe plastic coverings.

We have also introduced heat mapping technology at our coworking centres, so people will know if they have a high temperature. Hand sanitiser gel dispensers are available in communal areas and receptions. Safety is our priority as we continue to deliver the top-class service you would expect.

For details of our coworking office space to rent in London, Manchester, Marylebone, Farringdon, Birmingham, Belfast and Southampton, contact us today on 0800 953 0585.

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