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How to remain organised in a smaller workspace

Less is more when it comes to coworking – the flexible office space where you just have to bring yourself. There’s no need to get bogged down with a desk full of unnecessary clutter; coworking requires fewer belongings, as the working environment more than accommodates your needs.

It can be much simpler to organise yourself in a smaller space. Simply adapt from working with your own desk in a traditional office, to being involved in a communal environment instead.

What does coworking provide?

Before you take the plunge and join a coworking community, it’s important to find out what’s provided at the office, so you know what you should bring. Coworking offers flexible working space, with other like-minded people sharing facilities such as desks, the power supply, WiFi, lighting, printing, a kitchen and more.

Some coworking spaces have private on-demand meeting rooms and conference rooms, dedicated desk space where coworkers can rent a desk exclusively, or “hot desks”, which are shared desks that can be reserved for a specified period of time.

Everyone benefits from a large, shared kitchen, where there are often free refreshments such as tea, coffee and even snacks. As long as everyone respects the space, keeping it clean and tidy, it works well for all.

Why is it important to be organised?

While coworking provides a community, where you can talk to and network with likeminded people, make sure you know how to organise yourself in this smaller working space to ensure you get the best out of your experience.

It’s important to remember a cluttered workspace creates a cluttered mind for a lot of people. An organised desk not only looks better, but it becomes easier to find things and also motivates you to work. Not having to clear piles of paper and other junk means your day gets off to a far better start!

A very simple, yet effective, solution is bringing your own folder to collect and store countless paper documents, rather than leaving them loose on your desk. Take mason jars to your workplace and fill them with smaller office supplies such as pens, notebook, paperclips, stapler and drawing pins, etc.

Alternatively, take a desk organiser to work with you, made from painted wooden boxes, to hold your pens, notebooks and diary. Use a compact option that doesn’t involve hammers, nails, or drills. This means if you’re sharing your desk with someone, you can easily pick up your belongings and take them home with you until you’re next in the office.

Adding a personal touch

Make sure you leave enough room for your computer – and sufficient empty desk space to spread out and write when necessary – but try to find a space for your favourite trinket, or a photograph of loved ones, to give your workspace that personal touch.

Keeping style in mind; colour-coordinate your space with matching recycling bins under your desk, creating a personalised and eco-friendly environment.

By organising yourself in a smaller space, you’ll know exactly where to look when you need something, without rummaging through cluttered drawers, or piles of papers. This is a far less stressful way of working and you can focus on the important stuff – taking care of your duties – instead of wondering where you put something.

Working from a coworking space will help improve your work-life balance. Having a pleasant, dedicated, tidy space to carry out your duties, as opposed to being potentially distracted by things like dealing with a pet, or chores when working from home, will make you feel more motivated and improve your productivity. This all combines to boost morale and passion, resulting in a more cheerful AND successful workday!



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