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How Leonardo DiCaprio Works with small tech companies

As one of the most respected actors on the planet, Leonardo DiCaprio has starred in blockbuster films such as Titanic, The Beach and The Revenant. Acting aside, Leo has used his influential status to promote a wide range of environmental issues that are close to his heart.

Early environmental interests
Leo might well be most famous for his acting roles, but he has taken an interest in environmental issues from a very early age. Growing up close to The National History Museum in LA meant Leo was exposed to nature and its many issues as a child.

A platform for change
While he was smashing hit blockbuster films out one after another, Leo still took an active interest in the environment, reading up on issues and policies. Even today, he is in close contact with key climate change figures and policy makers, and has met with influencers over the years, including John Kerry, Bill Clinton and Pope Francis.

Meeting Al Gore in 1998 was a key turning point for Leo, igniting his desire to do more to put climate change on the global agenda. During the same year, he set up his own foundation, using his wealthy financial status to fund vital conservation work.

Since the foundation was established, funding has helped to support over 70 environmental projects throughout 40 countries, including preserving rainforests, protecting coral reefs, reducing overfishing and increasing awareness of climate change. The foundation also supports activists who win the coveted Goldman Environmental Prize.

Leo decided to use his position of influence to voice his opinions about global issues to a worldwide audience through the power of film. In particular, he narrated the 2007 climate change movie, the 11th Hour, hosted an Earth Day event in 2000. He played a key role in the production of the climate change documentary, Before the Flood, in 2016.

To promote the need to tackle climate change collectively and to reject the politics of greed, he used his Oscars acceptance speech for best actor in The Revenant.

In 2014, Leo took part in a climate change march in New York, and made a heartfelt speech to the United Nations about the impact of climate change during the same year. He voiced his concerns about marine conservation at the World Economic Forum (WEF), and has been on the boards of key environmental organisations, such as the World Wildlife Fund and the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

Currently, Leo is involved with backing a $150 million climate technology fund, in partnership with boutique investment business, Princeville Capital. The aim of the fund is to back environmental studies and support small-scale tech companies that will help create a cleaner and more environmentally-conscious planet.

Passionate about making a difference to the planet that is consumed by global issues, Leo claims that such issues cross his mind many times during each day. As well as wanting to make a difference with regards to conservation and climate policy, he hopes that his work can help to advance scientific research.

Despite Leo’s burning desire to tackle climate and conservation issues, he has no plans to give up acting. He believes that acting gives him a viable platform to educate others about the need for environmental change.
With his hugely influential status, there’s no doubt that Leonardo DiCaprio is making a name for himself as a highly respected environmentalist.

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