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How to unwind after a busy day at the office

It’s no secret that relaxing when your working day is done can be a real challenge. If you are struggling to switch off and unwind, keep reading. We’ve collected some great ideas to help you relax – take a look at why this is vital for your health.

Set healthy boundaries

It can be all too easy to check your email even if you have shut down your work computer, but if you have emails and message alerts on your phone, you could find it chiming at odd points throughout your “you” time. Even when it isn’t possible for you to delete these apps entirely, mute them and make an effort not to check them during the evening. A stressful day won’t be made better through worrying. Setting these healthy boundaries can help you to feel more positive when you get to work, as you won’t feel you never leave!

Get creative

We can tend to dismiss hobbies that don’t connect with our careers, but a creative hobby could help to get your mind off a difficult and busy day. Painting, baking or crafting keeps your hands busy – no way to check screens! A relaxing activity will have nothing to do with work.

Write it down

Journaling can help you to process challenging emotions that may come up during the day, and sometimes just writing things down in free flow can be enlightening and refreshing. As you let your emotions flow out onto the page, you may gain a greater depth of understanding, make clearer decisions, and feel more in control. This can be beneficial for your career progress, too. You will be able to identify patterns of stress and how you deal with them. This will enhance your own self-awareness.

Move your body

Not many of us have active jobs, so get moving after work! A run in the fresh air, an exercise class with friends, or even yoga in your bedroom can let you focus on your body in the present moment, rather than the day that has passed. Of course, you will also get a boost of endorphins to aid in de-stressing! Your physical health is directly linked to how good you feel, so taking it seriously really matters.

Give meditation a try

Meditation can be a wonderful way to clear your mind and reduce your stress. Anxiety that you carry throughout the day, along with racing thoughts, can be slowly worked through as you focus on your breathing and the present moment. It can take a while to find the right meditation for you but being able to look inwards not outwards provides great insight that you can take into the next day.

While it might not always be easy to unwind when you have had a hectic workday, with these simple methods you can begin to enjoy your time away from the office. Not only will this help your mental health, but it could also give your career a boost – so close your laptop and take some time for yourself.

Take good care of yourself

Absences from work due to mental health have a significant financial impact on UK companies. Coworking offers the flexibility that you need to achieve the best workplace outcomes, while enhancing a positive state of mind. You will also enjoy a great sense of comradery with like-minded professionals who know how to achieve a healthy work/life balance.

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