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Meet our team: David Hudson – Operations Manager – Southampton

In a new feature for the Headspace blog, we meet some of the members of our fabulous centre teams with a little Q&A. Today we meet our Southampton centre manager, David Hudson

David Hudson

Question 1: How long have you worked for Headspace?

Two and a half years. .

Question 2: What does your role involve?

A mix of everything! Ensuring the smooth day-to-day running if the offices, conducting viewings, helping our meeting room clients, hosting community events and general maintenance to make sure the centre confirms to the high standards I expect for our clients and which our clients expect of us.

Question 3: Headspace is all about ‘Inspiring Spaces for Creative Minds’. Can you tell us who or what inspires you?

Working in an amazing space surrounded by wonderful people is inspiring to me. Everyone is on their own journey and to be part of that and share that with them is both incredible and inspiring.

Question 4: In terms of creativity, what’s the most creative thing you’ve ever done, or the most creative idea you’ve ever come up with?

I have never considered myself very creative but when I started my role as Grosvenor House was opening, I had the opportunity to put my own stamp on the building. I was entrusted to chose artwork and soft furnishings. source lighting and all the small details that make the office an amazing place to be.

Question 5: Headspace spaces are all unique. What would you say makes Grosvenor House unique?

As soon as you walk in to Headspace Southampton you will be struck with the sheer number of plants we have. Plants are proven to help reduce stress and increase productivity as well as improve air quality. This along with access to an abundance of natural light creates an amazing environment for our clients to both work and relax.

Headspace coworking space in Southampton

Questions 6: What has been the most surprising thing about working for Headspace?

When I started at Headspace I would never have imagined that I would build such strong relationships with our clients. We have a great community in Southampton that genuinely care and look out for one another, which is fantastic.

Question 7: What makes working in coworking space so different from working in a traditional office environment?

The biggest difference between them is the flexibility offered by coworking. With a traditional office you are often required to sign a long lease which can really limit your business’s ability to adapt to future needs, e.g., expansion, downsizing. Coworking and serviced office space offer short leases, helping to future-proof for any change in needs you may have from your workspace. Headspace offers an all-inclusive package meaning clients can focus on running their business and we take care of the rest.

Coworking also offers the chance for collaborative working as the space is shared by multiple businesses. The layout of the space is designed specifically to support this type of working.

Headspace coworking space in Southampton

Question 8: What would you say to anyone who is thinking of giving coworking a try?

100% give it a go! Its is a great way to building networks and relationships with a variety of people you may not usually interact with.

Question 9: In your centre you have managed workspace, serviced offices and coworking space, what differentiates them?

The managed workspace we have in Southampton offers our clients a bespoke space space designed exactly to their requirements. They were part of every stage in the development of the space including sourcing the right building and consulting on the design/fit out. The cost of this is spread out over the duration of their licence.

The serviced offices are have are ready to go workspaces ranging from 6-32 desk offices. We take care of everything from business rates to post, allowing our clients to focus on the business of running their businesses.

The coworking space we have is open to all our clients whether that be for time away from their desk or to use a larger space to work collaboratively. It’s a hub of activity and where we hold all our client events.





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