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Mitsubishi: Power to the future

Energy solutions company Mitsubishi Power is tasked with developing power-generating technology for a greener future. As one of the latest major employers to choose coworking space, the company focuses on creating solutions to decarbonise energy, while delivering reliable power everywhere.

With more than 18,000 employees spread over 69 locations all over the world, including eight in Japan, Mitsubishi Power works with local communities to create customised, eco-friendly solutions for reliable power.

From AI-enabled smart power plants and advanced-class gas turbines to air quality control systems and renewable energy storage; the company designs solutions tailored to address consumer needs, while protecting the environment.

Greatest achievements

Mitsubishi Power is working towards decarbonising grids, striking a balance between conserving the earth’s resources and providing a reliable power supply. From designing the most efficient gas turbine in the world to enabling new power sources such as hydrogen and biomass, the company is at the forefront of green technology.

Mitsubishi Power’s TOMONI Intelligent Solutions is making smarter power plants, embedded with state-of-the-art data analytics and artificial intelligence. This can transform a power plant into a big-data powerhouse, where information is harnessed to increase the plant’s efficiency and profitability.

The company recognises the transition to green energy sources can’t happen overnight. Modernising any energy system takes time. In the interim, Mitsubishi Power is using technology such as air quality control systems and next-generation equipment to reduce the overall environmental impact and enhance fuel efficiency.

The organisation aims to create a “carbon neutral world” in the future. Its mission statement is to contribute and promote the effective use of resources to reduce environmental impact, with the ultimate goal of achieving carbon neutrality.

Choosing coworking space Mitsubishi Power is one of the latest top brands that has chosen to use coworking space to enhance a productive working environment.

Listed as one of the world’s ten fastest-growing brands, its success has rocketed since its foundation in 2014 as a brand of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Working towards a totally decarbonised energy future, its research is increasingly important as the devastating effects of climate change are being felt.

The team at Mitsubishi Power aims to provide exemplary services to clients and has designed multiple products, combining sustainable energy solutions with advanced energy generation technology. Their key offerings are gas turbines, geothermal products, steam turbines, eco-friendly boilers and more.

The company’s headquarters are in Bangalore, where they operate in a coworking space. According to company bosses, they made the decision because the modern infrastructure and productive working environment offered by coworking spaces have inspired greater collaboration and driven their success.

Flexible workspace offers top-notch amenities for businesses such as high-speed internet, quality infrastructure, conference rooms, printers, laptops, cafeteria facilities and more.

Benefits of coworking

The coworking ecosystem has all the necessary provisions to encourage collaboration and innovation among the team. Unlike a traditional office setup, coworking is relatively inexpensive, as most amenities are shared and there are no long-term fixed contracts. Helping businesses to expand their brand, the coworking culture promotes networking opportunities.

Mitsubishi Power is one of many major brands that have started or grown their entrepreneurial journey through the use of coworking spaces. Global soft drinks brand Coca-Cola has also embraced coworking. Its Indian headquarters, in Gurugram, have captured a sense of camaraderie and liveliness and launched a positive cultural shift for the company, according to senior management.

Recent reports suggest more entrepreneurs have begun to realise the endless benefits of coworking. According to the latest statistics, around 1.93 million people all over the world are using coworking spaces – an increase from 1.69 million in 2018.

The UK has 5.08% of the world’s coworking spaces, with 89% of occupants reporting they feel happier since joining a flexible work environment. Respondents said an “enjoyable work atmosphere” had been the main selling point in 70% of coworking spaces.

Like Mitsubishi Power, you too can change the future by working in a coworking space. Contact Headspace Group for details of our high-quality coworking facilities in key locations across the UK.


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