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Nailing customer satisfaction: The far-reaching benefits

Achieving customer satisfaction is the most important part of running your businesses. Without it, no matter how much money you inject into your venture, you will never be a success.

Keeping customers happy is crucial when it comes to online reviews, as a massive 95% of consumers will read reviews before making a purchase from a company they haven’t used before. Research shows 72% of people won’t buy products or services without looking at reviews first.

In addition, 92% of B2B buyers state they are more likely to purchase if they have read positive reviews on trusted sites. In short, your business depends on your reputation, so keep your customers happy in order that they will tell other people what a great experience they’ve had.

Reputation impacts income

Studies also show the amount of customer satisfaction you earn has a direct impact on your income. A business with more than nine recent positive reviews earns 52% more income than the national average. Businesses with more than 25 recent positive reviews see an average increase in income of 108%.

From a business point of view, positive feedback lets you know where you’ve done well. Even negative reviews have their value, as you can get an idea of where you need to improve. As long as you’re upfront and respond in a helpful manner to any dissatisfied customers, this can pay dividends too, as it shows you care and that you’re listening.

Customer satisfaction is the primary focus for marketing teams, no matter what size the business. It goes far beyond good public relations. The image conjured up by your company’s brand is important at a time when customers need to trust their suppliers.

As the nation struggles to get back to normal after the pandemic, strong corporate branding is vital. Brand loyalty is thriving, as people are sticking with trusted companies who spur a sense of wellbeing.

Delivering customer satisfaction

Using targeted marketing tactics and reaching out to customers in unique ways is great, but if you can’t deliver customer satisfaction, they won’t use your business again. This is why 76% of consumers believe customer service is the true test of how much the company values them.

Businesses can track conversations on social media and websites and address issues immediately in real-time. This is important to avoid a crisis. The key is to be proactive. Use the relevant tools to create a customer service culture that remains positive and proactive, instead of reactive.

Always be honest and ensure your products and services match up to customers’ expectations. One of the biggest sources of dissatisfaction is when a business’s marketing team has promoted a new product, only for customers to find it isn’t all it’s supposed to be. Your marketing strategies should be designed so you’re not making any promises you can’t keep.

Understand your customers and remember people are unique, so try to get to know them on a more personal level. Although your marketing and customer services teams can’t possibly understand every customer in any depth, you can collect and utilise data of their dealings with your company to address their needs accordingly.

Your success can depend, in part, on using the right tools, such as cloud-based customer support platforms, one of the most important steps forward in recent years.

How can coworking improve the customer journey?

The number of people around the world using coworking space is estimated to be around 3.1 million. Analysts predict this number will grow to more than five million over the next few years.

The IT sector takes up 22% of coworking spaces, making it the largest group, followed by PR, marketing and sales. The pandemic has changed the way we work forever, as people understand the value of flexible workspaces.

In terms of improving the customer journey, coworking means you can deploy your personnel resources exactly where and when they are needed.

For example, if your business is reaping the rewards of a new marketing campaign or product with a flurry of extra business, you can put in more hours, or take on extra staff, to deal with the workload. Coworking space is flexible in terms of not tying you into a long contract, so you can expand and contract your working day when needed.

It means never leaving customers waiting until tomorrow because your office is due to close at 5 pm and there aren’t enough hours in the day. You can work as many hours as you need until the queries or sales have been dealt with.

In terms of B2B clients, when a lead or a potential client contacts you to request information about your services, you can be prepared. They might contact you by email, telephone, chatbot, or visit you in person. The most important thing is to talk with them and get them to understand why they need your products or services.

The first impression a potential client has when visiting your business is crucial, as it sets the tone for your future relationship. Having a professional, well-equipped, modern workspace gives the right impression and starts their customer journey on the right foot.

Keep their satisfaction level high by being readily available to answer their queries and deal with issues outside the normal 9-5. You have the type of workspace where you can invite them to sit down for a moment and have a coffee, injecting that personal element that is so important.

Offer multi-channel support

Finally, make it simple for people to contact you by providing multi-channel support, as this will increase satisfaction levels. As a business, you need to be where your target audience is likely to be. This can mean offering live chat support, social media support, phone support and email support.

People prefer having various channels and devices to keep in touch. It’s not enough today just to have a customer services phone line. You must have a presence to cover any channels your clients use.

For further information on our coworking spaces, contact Headspace Group today. With our help, you will be able to concentrate your focus on the important task of running your business and achieving total client satisfaction.


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