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The Breakfast Club: Client Farming

Following on from last month`s breakfast club, focusing on new business, this month we explored client farming. Client farming is the way we engage with our existing customers in order to find avenues for further business and keeping them up to date with who we are as a company. Check out our top takeaways.

Can you hear me?

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Listening to your clients. This is a company fundamental for everyone. It’s part of everyone`s jobs to secure sales by promoting our new products & services. But sometimes our excitement and passion for our services mean we don`t listen to what the customer actually requires.

Be Adaptive

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If you continue to push your key products, that`s all you become for your customers. The company that does ‘X’.

By really listening to your clients, you’ll gain a much more meaningful understanding of their problems. This provides your company the opportunity to expand your own expertise and make further predictions of issues your clients may face in the future. Afterall if one client has this problem, its likely others will too. As a result of listening you can then be adaptive to your market.

Maintaining Relationships

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Allocating one account manager and matching them with one key decision maker could be a good strategy for building relationships. However more than just these two individuals will have been involved in a lot of cases. So don`t just focus on the people who have sign off. Build more relationships than just the ones with the key decision makers and don`t underestimate the power of junior relationships. It’s likely those junior people will rise through the ranks faster than you think, and they tend to have more social relationships with your own junior staff.

The Bigger Picture

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Make sure each of your employees understands the importance of nurturing your clients. This is not just for sales, this is the embodiment of what you do and how you are perceived as a business. Giving each member of your team a responsibility of engaging with clients, even if just on a micro level, regardless of their role, helps them to understand the bigger picture of your company.

Linkedin is your best weapon. Notice a birthday, anniversary, any news at all. Get in touch just simply to say well done or hello. No need to push your product, just be a reminder. It really is that simple.

A Physical Reminder

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You’d be forgiven for thinking mail marketing is dead. Most of what we consume is via email and if something does come in the post, you have no way of knowing if it was read or if they even opened it. However, if you do create something that is captivating, relevant and visually exciting, you might just find yourself placed in a convenient spot in their office for everyone to see. A good looking reminder of who you are.

If you can publish original content which shows off your expertise you’ll find that You will stay relevant and at the forefront of everybody`s mind.

Interested in attending our next Breakfast Club? Email dmt@headspacegroup.co.uk to find out more.

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