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Video conferencing: The ongoing benefits of Zoom calls

Zoom really hit the big time with the onset of the pandemic, with businesses turning to video conferencing as a way to keep working, even when the workforce was sheltering at home – but what benefits do Zoom calls offer businesses now that things are back to normal?

How video conferencing has evolved

Video conferencing is not a new concept for businesses and the roots of the modern video call go all the way back to the 1920s when Herbert Hoover was broadcast to viewers in New York. It wasn’t until the 30s that two-way video calls became a reality and later still in the 80s when it started to be considered as a business tool. However, the real boom of video conferencing began in the 90s with the rise of Internet use across the world and we have seen it go from strength to strength ever since.

Skype then came into play in the 2000s, offering to connect people with their loved ones, as well as offering a professional service for businesses. This was later followed by WhatsApp and Apple’s FaceTime. Finally, in 2020 when the COVID outbreak dawned, a little-known company called Zoom started to offer free video conferencing that could be used on phones, computers and other devices – it was an instant hit!

Technological advancements in video conferencing

As video conferencing has become more popular, the demand for new and exciting technologies has grown too. Initially, video conferencing was something used in high-profile boardrooms as a way to connect clients across the world but these days it is so much more.

Cue the introduction of moving cameras, personalised backgrounds, big screens and specialised software that works alongside the conferencing software to make calls more interesting and accessible for all… and it doesn’t stop there!

Most video conferencing software companies work hard to offer unique tools to help make you feel like you are sitting in the meeting room, rather than at your desk, and as it continues to develop, it promises only to get better and more interactive.

The benefits of having Zoom calls

With so many video conferencing options to choose from, you may be wondering why you should use Zoom for your meetings? We’ve shared five great benefits that you need to know about:

· Simple pricing plan – Zoom offers both free and paid versions, with a simple and clear pricing plan that works for business clients. Choose the solution that works best for your needs and feel confident that it is always ready to work for you!

· Virtual backgrounds – with more than half a million business clients, Zoom works hard to keep everyone impressed. The virtual background library means that you can pick a backdrop that best represents you and you can even use a custom one with your business information should you wish to.

· Screen sharing – if you have important information to share with your participants, simply click the screen share button and let them see what is on your computer screen. This is great for troubleshooting, mind mapping and even showing presentations as you talk to the meeting.

· Recording capabilities – as 350 million people attend Zoom meetings every day, recording what happens is a great way to help people access information after the meeting has ended. Simply turn the recording on when it suits you and download it after the meeting ends for distribution to all attendees and other interested parties.

· Host controls – hosting a Zoom meeting can be daunting, especially when you are in charge of talking through important decisions. With host controls, you can share the hosting duties and even pass the host role on to another participant if you need to, ensuring that your meeting runs as smoothly as possible.

Use Zoom calls and watch your business grow

Investing in the use of video conferencing, specifically Zoom, is a great way to reach a wider client base, reduce travel time for staff and clients, and be able to meet from anywhere in the world. In fact, you can get your Zoom calls directly to the board room, as long as you have a screen and an Internet connection – try it today and see how your business can benefit.


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