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What is the best city for coworking and why?

The UK is home to many great cities but there are just a few that are great for coworking.

A global study has revealed that London is the top coworking location in the world, confirming its place out of more than 50 contenders.

The demand for coworking spaces in UK cities has been growing steadily in recent years, with research revealing the current occupancy rate is around 83%.

Research by Business Name Generator studied various factors including internet speeds, average monthly costs and supply and demand to determine the best locations. Out of 53 cities across the world, London outscored its rivals to become the top location for businesses wanting a cost-effective and flexible workspace.

Benefits of coworking spaces

It’s no surprise that coworking in the UK is growing in popularity in the 2020s, as it offers many benefits for all kinds of enterprise but particularly startups, SMEs and entrepreneurs who are looking for greater cost-efficiency.

Shared office space means you can enjoy the amenities of a traditional office at a fraction of the price, like high-speed internet, Wi-Fi, desks, meeting rooms, reception, breakout areas, a well-stocked kitchen and more.
It’s a way for your company to impress clients and improve relevancy and trust by having a business address, rather than working from home, which improves legitimacy for startups.

It also makes employees feel valued by providing them with a modern workplace, with all the amenities they need. Combined with the flexible working options coworking provides, this in turn increases productivity, as employees have greater job satisfaction.

The other major benefits of coworking are the networking opportunities it offers and the sense of community it provides.

Being based in an office where you’re surrounded by like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs in various fields gives members a great chance to collaborate with each other. This can lead to new customers or business partnerships.

Research by Harvard Business Review among people working in a coworking space revealed 79% of them found it expanded their social network, 89% felt happier in general and 83% felt less lonely.

Coworking in London

In London, there are currently around 1,322 coworking spaces. There are an average 4,400 internet searches per month for “coworking in London”, showing that demand will soon be outstripping supply if the trend continues.

Workspace in London is always in high demand, so people are switching to a shared office space to enjoy the significant cost savings this offers, especially in today’s challenging economic climate. Businesses choosing coworking space in London can make significant cost savings compared with the price of renting traditional office space in the capital.

London is the most expensive city in the UK for office space, so offset the costs by choosing a shared workspace. It also has the fastest broadband speeds in the country, which is an advantage for any business! The average internet speed in London is 118 Mbps, according to the latest data from 2023. This is more than twice the national average download speed of 47.8 Mbps.

Being based in the capital means you’re in the world’s main financial and business hub, where the opportunities for networking with a global community are immense. Business networking in London has never been easier.
As the epicentre of brainstorming, creative thinking, problem-solving and networking, there’s a distinct probability that someone in your circle will have the insight and skills you’re seeking to advance your project or will be able to solve a problem for you. There are multiple collaborative opportunities at your fingertips.

A coworking space is far more than just a place to work. It is somewhere to learn new skills and to grow as a person. In fact, many London coworking spaces host community events, such as workshops and talks.
After work, there’s the chance to enjoy a vibrant social life right on your doorstep, with hundreds of restaurants, coffee shops, pubs and cafes to choose from.

A convenient location in terms of transport options, the flexibility of coworking gives you a chance to improve your work-life balance by escaping the 9-5 routine.

Our coworking space in Farringdon provides inspirational surroundings, where glass walls create privacy without isolation. Offices feature steel beams, original exposed brickwork and marble columns. The kitchens are always fully stocked and there are breakout spaces on each floor to motivate and inspire your team.

Coworking in Birmingham

While London is the world’s top location for coworking, the UK has some other pretty impressive cities where coworking is growing.

The popularity of coworking in Birmingham is on the rise, with our own thriving offices on Temple Street being in high demand. Located near New Street Station, with Cathedral Square on your doorstep, you’re surrounded by places to dine, retail stores and other business premises.

Our art deco building combines cutting edge technology with classic design, natural daylight throughout and art installations. We also offer a gym onsite, a manned reception, plenty of breakout areas, a spacious roof garden terrace, showers, underground cycle racks and a GolfZon indoor golf simulator.

With an onsite maintenance team and daily cleaning, all your requirements are met at a vastly more cost-effective rate than in a traditional office space.

Coworking in Belfast

If you’re looking at opportunities for coworking in Belfast, our coworking space could be the answer to your prayers.

Located in one of the city’s most prestigious office buildings, the Adelaide Exchange on Adelaide Street is a highly professional working environment, combined with a relaxed coffee shop ambience.

Enjoy working in a flexible workspace, where you can use space as and when required, thanks to our excellent value monthly contracts.

Our Belfast coworking space is a truly inspirational environment, so you’ll enjoy coming to work. It provides ergonomic chairs and desks for your comfort, seating areas, high-speed internet, and secure and monitored access.

Coworking in Southampton

Coworking in Southampton doesn’t get any better than Headspace Group’s offices at Grosvenor House, Grosvenor Square.

Our beautifully designed offices provide a tranquil setting within a professional, focused work domain.

Private office suites include height-adjustable sit/stand desks; there are generous breakout spaces; ultra-fast internet speeds; a fully stocked kitchen, with high street quality coffees: and regular free community events.

All things considered, do you think it’s time to change the way you work and see what coworking has to offer?


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