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From isolation to inspiration: Coworking for writers

Working at home as a writer can have its benefits, but it can also be quite lonely, whereas a coworking space can help you feel inspired.

When you’re working from home, there can be too many distractions to interrupt your train of thought – and that can equate to a less than productive day!

Once you lose concentration, it can be hard to get into the right creative mindset again.

Some work from a coffee shop to combat loneliness, but this comes with its own distractions, such as customers talking loudly, or the hustle and bustle behind the counter. How can you have a productive day with all that commotion going on in the background? You know you can do better!

Coworking spaces are made to help you feel comfortable in your surroundings. What’s more, it’s a cost-effective option when compared with a traditional office.

It also helps you to build a network, as you’re surrounded by like-minded people; it provides a more professional image and backdrop for your business; and creates discipline, rather than the more casual arrangement that working from home might imply.

Advantages of coworking spaces

Let’s start with the financial savings: compared with renting a corporate office, you can benefit from a package to suit your individual requirements. Coworking means you don’t have the costly overheads of utility bills, high rent, office furniture and tech equipment. All of these are shared costs, so you will have the same amenities at a cheaper price.

You will also be assured of high-speed internet and Wi-Fi, especially if you’re based in a coworking space in London, where the average download speed is 118 Mbps, compared with a national average of 79 Mbps.

This kind of environment can be so inspirational. A good example is our coworking space in Farringdon, where glass walls offer privacy, but without the feeling of isolation. Aesthetically pleasing surroundings include original exposed brickwork, steel beams and marble columns – just imagine how this could help boost your creativity!

Vibrant atmosphere

The vibrant community atmosphere can garner the right mindset for creative minds from the get-go. Unlike your home, you can communicate with other people. Carefully chosen layouts and colour palettes create the ideal environment to stimulate your imagination.

When you need some quiet time to collect your thoughts, there’s always a separate coworking space meeting room for privacy and solitude. You can also use it to meet clients, as it provides a more professional backdrop than your home office. You will have a corporate business address, which can inspire confidence in clients.

In practical terms, if you’ve spent all day working on your laptop in a coffee shop, you might find a dying battery means the end of your endeavours. In a coworking space, there are plenty of outlets where you can plug in all your devices including a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. So, if you’re having a great day inspiration-wise and you feel like you’re on a roll, there’s no need to stop working because your laptop is about to die.

A coworking space has the added benefit that it provides a flexible workspace, where you can stay late when necessary to meet that deadline – as a writer, you will know all about deadlines!

All things considered, coworking space can benefit your writing career in many ways. According to data from the Office for National Statistics, working from home as a writer can be one of the loneliest professions, with 56% of women and 43% of men in the UK saying they have experienced these negative feelings.

Don’t do it to yourself. Combat loneliness and interruptions – come join the coworking revolution!


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