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Coworking: The ultimate workspace for digital marketers

Coworking has been dubbed the ultimate workspace solution for digital marketers. The profession is growing in the UK, leading to an increased demand for affordable office space.

To attract professionals and provide them with an environment in which they can thrive, coworking space offers a number of key elements.

A comfortable workspace with the latest technology and a high-speed internet connection are just a few of the practical advantages. Add to this the networking opportunities and supportive community and you are part way to understanding why coworking is being lauded as a haven for digital marketing professionals.

Growth of digital marketing

The number of digital marketers in the UK is growing steadily, with more than 7,670 agencies in Britain at the beginning of 2023, according to research.

The number has increased by 6.1% since last year – and similar growth was experienced between 2021 and 2022. By the end of this year, analysts expect the market to have grown by a further 6.5%, based on current trends.

Despite the challenging economic climate, the profession is going from strength to strength. Studies suggest businesses are increasingly relying on the expertise of marketing professionals to guide them through the digital landscape and attract more customers to navigate these difficult times.

So, just what is it about coworking spaces that attracts this growing market of professionals?

Technology and high-speed internet

A high-speed internet connection and the latest technology are crucial for digital marketers, who must be able to work efficiently and quickly.

An unreliable or slow connection can be a huge hindrance. It can be the difference between meeting a deadline and impressing a client or sending copy late and causing disappointment.

Coworking productivity is dependent on the speed and reliability of the internet connection and having sufficient bandwidth for members.

For marketers looking for coworking space, London is a popular choice, not least because the average download speed is an attractive 118 Mbps, compared with the UK average of 79 Mbps.

Comfortable working environment

It’s inevitable that digital marketers are going to spend a lot of time sitting at their desk. Providing a workspace that is ergonomic and inspires productivity is a must. A coworking space offers a variety of seating options, from individual desks and private meeting rooms to collaborative areas, lounge seating and event spaces.

There are also plenty of outlets to charge laptops and mobile devices, plus soothing lighting that isn’t going to give you a headache.

Collaboration technology

Collaboration is the key to successful digital marketing – and coworking spaces offer members all the tools they require to mix effectively.

Technology including video conferencing facilities and online project management tools support remote workers and enable real-time communication with clients and colleagues in other countries and different time zones.

Personalised services

Coworking spaces can offer personalised services to meet digital marketers’ unique needs. This can include benefits such as administrative support, mail handling and concierge services.

Having someone else providing these services can help marketers to remain focused and creative, rather than becoming bogged down with admin tasks.

Community events

Coworking spaces thrive on building a community, so they will host events to boost connections, including workshops, lunches and networking meetings.

Digital marketing networking is vital to your success and coworking is an ideal environment to meet like-minded people and build useful relationships.

Members can take part in community activities, work groups and social events to build a wider network. It can be a great place to find freelancers and remote workers to help support your business endeavours if required.

Amenities and wellbeing

Digital marketing professionals are prone to working long hours, so it’s important to look after their physical and mental health.

Coworking can provide them with amenities and wellness facilities. This can include everything from healthy food options to gyms and yoga classes.

Working in a thriving business community can also stave off the loneliness of home working that can lead to depression.

Numerous studies have revealed how people who work alone have a greater chance of feeling isolated. If you’ve ever freelanced or been a lone worker, you may have experienced the feelings of solitude that this brings.

Some days, you may go from breakfast to dinner time without speaking to anyone if you’ve been snowed under with work. This can be bad for our mental health, as people are designed to interact with others by nature.

We chat, laugh, learn and share, so sitting in a room alone, with just a laptop for company, isn’t good for our emotional wellbeing.

Inspirational surroundings

Creative people, such as digital marketers, need to work in the right kind of environment. When you’re looking for an inspirational coworking space, Farringdon has a lot to offer.

Glass walls provide privacy, without leaving you feeling isolated. Sitting among the exposed brickwork, marble columns and steel beams is a refreshing change from a standard corporate office. Fully stocked kitchens, break out spaces on each floor and music playing combine to create an environment designed to inspire any team.

With six meeting rooms, a welcoming reception area and a dedicated on-site team, you can host anything from a networking lunch to a conference with up to 70 people, with various catering options.

On-site bicycle racks, shower rooms and free breakfasts five days a week complete the exceptional facilities.


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