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The Kit List: Office Dog Guide

Thinking of bringing your dog to the office or already do? Based on the experiences of our Headspace Hound owners, we have compiled a list of The Ultimate Office Dog Survival Kit – which we hope will make your life easier.

Oscar dog bowl

Dog Water Bowl and Food Bowls

No one needs you using the office crockery! You love your dog and let them ‘kiss you’, but others didn’t sign up for that, no matter how good you think the office dishwasher is. Keep it hygienic and splash out on personalised bowls so their ‘work den’ is fully kitted out.

Dog tent

Dog Bed

It’s important for your dog to be comfortable. Maybe use the bed at home first, then bring it into the office, so they are familiar with it and know it’s theirs. That way they’ll be happy to sleep for hours on end in their comfy spot.

Maisie's treats


Healthy dog snacks should always be at hand to reward your pooch for their good behaviour. Some offices like to have a ‘dog treat jar’, but use it sparingly between all the staff members. Get creative with your treats to mix things up, our favorites aside from healthy store bought options are small cheese cubes, apples, carrots or chicken.



It is basically winter for 9 months of the year in the UK. It will be raining at some point during your day – even if the sun is currently shining. Carry a small towel in your bag with you wherever you go. Don’t get caught out by the wet weather. No one likes wet dog smell.

Doggy Bag

Poo bags

Heaven forbid you ever forget those – WORST DAY EVER which will involve a 10p carrier from Sainsbury’s. It is unpleasant. Keep a stash at your desk and in your day bag. You’ve been warned.

Office Puppy

Dog Toys

Have separate home and work toys. It really helps your dog to look forward to coming in to play with their favorites. Plus means you won’t have to lug around slobbery tennis balls and more than you already need to.

Dog toy

Puzzle Toys

We all get irritable/tired around 3pm and so does your dog. This is the perfect time to bring out a puzzle toy to keep them occupied for half an hour or so. There are plenty of difficulty levels to choose from on Amazon.

Lily's Kitchen dog food

Order food to work

Help yourself out but not having to carry everything all the time. Get dog food delivered to your workplace and make sure you have a good place to store it. Don’t order in bulk either, good, small and regular orders will take up less space and provide flavor variety for your pooch.


We hope this ‘Kit List’ helps you, whether you already bring your dog to the office, or if you are either considering in bringing your dog to the office. If you are thinking about bringing your dog to the office check out our 6 Tips on Introducing your Dog to the Office, based on the experiences of our Headspace Dog owners.

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